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AlixaRx™ combines nationwide pharmacy services, on-site medication dispensing and board-certified geriatric-specialty clinical pharmacists to deliver innovative pharmacy services across the nation. We listened to patients, nurses, therapists, physicians and pharmacists to discover what worked and what didn’t work with their current approach to medication management. As a result of this collaboration and innovative thinking, we placed our focus on increasing safety, improving access, and maximizing time and cost savings.

AlixaRx can help your facility improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. The impact on patient care and your bottom line is both meaningful and measurable. Compare for yourself.

It’s not just a new model. It’s a new beginning.

Traditional Long-Term
Care Pharmacy Model
  • Often takes four hours or more to receive stat orders.
  • Broad formulary with little-to-no cost containment or avoidance.
  • Significant drug waste due to 30/15-day supply model.
  • Significant nursing time for reorder, receipt, storage and disposal of medications.
  • Consultant pharmacist with primarily regulatory focus.
  • Disposal methods with unknown environmental impact.
  • “Tackle box” used for emergency drug supply, which leaves potential for error and drug diversion .
The AlixaRx™ Advantage
  • Provides access to over 300 medications, 24/7, using automated dispensing technology.
  • Improved formulary management, focused on improving clinical outcomes with the most cost-effective drug therapy by maximizing the greatest amount of medications on-site.
  • Reduces drug cost by 4-6%* when compared to a traditional punch card system.
  • Faster, more accurate medication passes and less time spent counting narcotics, reordering and receiving medications.
  • Integrates the clinical pharmacist into the facility interdisciplinary team to collaboratively make decisions that can improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Dispenses an average of 40 fewer tablets and capsules per patient, per month; that’s over 57,000 wasted doses per year for a typical 120-bed facility.
  • Emergency drug supply stored in the on-site dispensing system with inventory monitoring, access controls and electronic auditing.

*Actual results of customers compared to what would have been dispensed in a 30/15-day model.


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