Are you cleaning glucometers properly?

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Cleaning Glucometers

Appropriate cleaning or disinfecting of glucometers in long-term care facilities is cited in the CMS State Operations Manual under F-Tag 441 infection control guidelines.  There are a wide variety of glucometers in use in the various facilities and each has its own cleaning requirements per the manufacturer.  Glucometer cleaning should take place prior to and immediately after each use to prevent the spread of pathogens from blood or body fluids like Hepatitis and Tuberculosis. Failure to clean the glucometer may result in a citation of the highest severity (immediate jeopardy).  In cases where the manufacturer has no cleaning recommendations, use of an EPA-registered high-level disinfectant is the standard.  A list of EPA-registered disinfectants can be found at

Below are recommended disinfecting procedures for commonly used glucometers:

Meter Recommended Cleaning

FreeStyle Freedom Lite

FreeStyle Lite

Precision Xtra

Apply an EPA-Registered disinfectant per product directions

WaveSense Jazz

WaveSense KeyNote

WaveSense KeyNote Pro

WaveSense Presto

WaveSense Presto Pro

Use mild soap and water, 70% iso-propyl alcohol (IPA), or 1:10 diluted bleach solution; wipe front and back with soft damp cloth


Glucocard 01

Glucocard 01-mini

Glucocard X-Meter

Clean outside of meter using a lint free cloth dampened with soapy water or IPADisinfecting-1:10 dilution of water and bleach (or bleach wipe), dampen a paper towel and thoroughly wipe down the meter or use Super Sani-Cloth® & Sani-Cloth® HB Germicidal disposable wipes



Contour TS

Clean exterior with lint free tissue moistened with 1:10 bleach/water disinfectant, wipe dry


Advocate Duo

Advocate Redi-Code

Disinfection with bleach solution







Apply an EPA-Registered disinfectant per product directions

One Touch Ultra 2

One Touch UltraMini

One Touch UltraLink

One Touch UltraSmart

Apply an EPA-Registered disinfectant per product directions

Nova Max

Nova Max Link

Use a damp cloth with alcohol, avoid the face of the meter

Accu-Chek Aviva

Accu-Chek Compact


Accu-Chek Advantage

Cloth with warm soapy water or 70% IPA Disinfecting-10% bleach/water solution made fresh daily or purchase a bleach cloth/ disinfecting wipe






Use any disinfectant on the outside of the meter, Clorox wipe, alcohol pad; avoid getting products in the meter


References: CMS State Operations Manual; Glucometer product manuals.

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