24/7 Pharmacy and Technical Support

AlixaRx provides 24/7 live technical phone support for questions related to the on-site dispensing system. Plus, pharmacists are available to approve prescriptions and address medication-related concerns, day or night.

Pharmacy Service Technicians

Pharmacy Service Technicians

  • Pharmacy Service Technicians (PST) visit each facility 2-3 times per week and provides personalized attention to the unique needs of your community.

  • The PST restocks the on-site medication supply and performs routine maintenance of the AlixaRx Access System.

  • The PST performs training on pharmacy systems and processes and addresses customer service matters.


Customer Service

  • 24/7 customer service and support is available via phone, email and our AlixaRx Engage™ Portal where nursing staff may contact the pharmacy directly via an instant messaging feature.

  • Customers have direct access to a clinical pharmacist who integrates with your interdisciplinary team.

  • Your facility has access to the AlixaRx Pharmacy Leadership Team when needed.