Clinical Pharmacist Services

Our clinical pharmacists integrate seamlessly into your interdisciplinary team.

Through communication and collaboration, our pharmacists can improve patient safety, achieve better outcomes and help drive facility cost savings. Here’s how:

  • Advanced software gives the clinical pharmacist instant access to patient records and reports to assist with their recommendations.

  • Prospective medication reviews help achieve better care and clinical outcomes

  • The AlixaRx Therapeutic Interchange Program offers over 400 therapeutic interchanges to drive cost management and optimize immediate medication availability through the AlixaRx Access™ system.

  • The AlixaRx Antibiotic Stewardship Program provides real-time interventions for antibiotic time-out and de-escalation to help reduce unnecessary antibiotic use plus automated reporting to seamlessly track measures of antibiotic use.

  • Incorporation of collaborative practice agreements into our clinical services to reduce nursing and provider workload.

  • Connect with your pharmacy services team anytime, anywhere through our Engage portal.