AlixaRx takes a very unique approach to clinical pharmacy services.

AlixaRx employs certified geriatric clinical pharmacists that integrate into the facility’s interdisciplinary team to collaborate in patient care. AlixaRx clinical pharmacists provide clinically proven outcomes, improve overall patient care, decrease drug costs and improve nursing efficiency.

AlixaRx is able to do this by providing clinical pharmacy consultants that visit the facilities on a regular basis, as well as through our Medication Review and Optimization Center (MROC). The MROC provides prospective analysis of the highest acuity facilities and residents. AlixaRx’s proprietary software gives our clinical pharmacists instant access to patient records, which allows for early intervention of the highest-risk patients.

The AlixaRx clinical pharmacists’ prospective approach helps better control patients on high-risk drugs, ensures appropriate utilization of antipsychotics, decreases the risk of falls and, most importantly, lowers unplanned hospital readmissions.

AlixaRx clinical pharmacists provide enhanced patient care through clinically proven outcomes.

AlixaRx Approach Enhanced Patient Outcomes
Improved medication appropriateness Fewer patients taking unnecessary antipsychotics, anxiolytics, and other high-risk medications
Integrated, collaborative approach with proactive interventions Reduced risk of medication related events
Proactive identification of high-risk patients Reduced use of inappropriate medications, decreased risk of falls, and lower unplanned re-hospitalizations
Continuous quality improvements Increased nursing efficiency and satisfaction, which leads to improved patient care

The Consultant Pharmacist Transformed

AlixaRx has transformed the traditional role of the consultant pharmacy. Rather than taking an exclusively regulatory focus, AlixaRx clinical consultants integrate with the facility’s interdisciplinary team to improve patient care. AlixaRx clinical pharmacists work collaboratively with the nursing staff and physicians to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase nursing efficiency.

Increased Commitment
  • Focusing on clinical outcomes and cost effective drug therapy for each patient
  • Identifying opportunities to advocate for patient health and wellness
  • Following through and helping affect change
Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Increasing medication appropriateness and reducing drug-related errors
  • Reducing the number of patients taking Beers Criteria, anti-psychotic, anxiolytics and other high-risk medications
  • Reducing falls and re-hospitalizations through increased medication management
  • Improving patient recovery and wellness through increased quality of care
Collaborative Interaction
  • Increasing time with patients, staff and physicians through enhanced technology
  • Participating actively in the interdisciplinary team
  • Providing a pharmacy services technician onsite
  • Utilizing decision-enhancing software for prospective analysis
  • Providing faster and easier access to information yielding additional insight and recommendations

The MROC Advantage

AlixaRx presents a new way to provide quality, innovative healthcare to patients through seamless integration of clinical pharmacist services.


We are proud to introduce a unique service to AlixaRx customers: our Medication Review and Optimization Center (MROC). By utilizing the MROC, AlixaRx customers experience improved patient outcomes, increased accuracy in medication reconciliation and identifiable cost savings.

Proactive Intervention

MROC pharmacists have the unique ability to review incoming patient medication on multiple occasions to determine if the treatment prescribed is the most appropriate. These reviews occur prior to or upon admission or upon a serious change in condition. A proactive clinical focus ensures patients are treated with the best medication for their condition, therefore improving patient outcomes, reducing overall length of stay, and contributing to a reduction in avoidable re-hospitalizations.

Efficient and Effective

Not only do MROC pharmacists determine the appropriateness of a medication, but also how cost-effective or cost-prohibitive it may be. Of the interventions where a reduced cost of medication was an outcome:

  • 89.3% directly reduced the cost of drugs for Medicare and Managed Care (M&M) patients
  • 10.7% reduced the cost of drugs for non-M&M patients (Medicaid, veterans, private pay, etc.)
Clinical Accuracy

Clinical pharmacist surveillance effectively reduces the potential for adverse drug reactions and increases earlier identification of medication errors. This results in a smooth medication reconciliation process. Hospital studies show that clinical pharmacist programs promote more effective pharmacotherapy selection and reduce medication errors and nursing time. By reviewing patient medication prior to admission and upon any change in condition, MROC pharmacists reduce the potential for error in medication management.