AlixaRx offers timely clinical information and education to keep patients safe.

AlixaRx provides a number of resources for clinical education and training. We provide customers with a monthly clinical pharmacy newsletter and quarterly nursing updates on various medication and pharmacy related topics. AlixaRx clinical pharmacists present a minimum of two in-services per year and are available to provide training each month based upon topics requested by facility staff. AlixaRx can also provide clinical education accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education to reduce the risk profile for pharmacy for pharmacy-related F-tags.

AlixaRx clinical pharmacist work closely with our procurement team on medication recalls, medications becoming generic, and other supply-related issues. AlixaRx distributes an alert to all facilities regarding any issue immediately upon notification from the manufacturer or wholesaler. We clearly explain the role of both the pharmacy and the facility in addressing the issue to ensure that all patients are safe.


AlixaRx ensures facility staff is properly trained to reduce errors and maximize efficiency.

At AlixaRx, we believe properly trained staff leads to fewer errors and maximum efficiency. We understand that different people learn in different ways. Therefore, AlixaRx provides a variety of training options, including classroom-based training, online education, and in-service and hands-on training to ensure facility staff is properly trained. We provide comprehensive training covering the AlixaRx on-site dispensing system, the implementation and transition of pharmacy services, medication ordering delivery processes, and the use of the infusion products we provide. AlixaRx provides training before and during the implementation as well as ongoing training for new staff and retraining of existing staff.