AlixaRx has successfully led a Kansas innovation pilot to gain the adoption of remote automated dispensing in long-term care facilities! Regulations have now been approved by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy allowing AlixaRx to put a pharmacy onsite at your facility.


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The AlixaRx Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU) packages patient-specific oral-solid medications on-demand. 

The ADU is a medication packaging system that stores bulk oral solid medications (tablets and capsules) in canisters and packages and labels patient-specific, multi-dose packets. The ADU is used for new, STAT, PRN, Leave-of-Absence (LOA) and ongoing routine orders. Medication canisters are stored in a locked storage unit that is only accessible to authorized pharmacy personnel. The pharmacy monitors the inventory and utilization and delivers canisters to the facility, where a local AlixaRx pharmacy service technicians receives the canisters and restocks the unit. When the nurse requests a medication from the ADU, the canister releases the medication and it is packaged for that patient and administration time.

The Electronic Medication Cabinet (EMC) stocks unit-dose medications, including IV kits and refrigerated items, for first and STAT doses.

The Electronic Medication Cabinet (EMC) is an electronic first-dose dispensing cabinet that replaces the need for the manual “tackle box” solution. The EMC is used for dispensing emergency and first-dose medications that are not stocked in the Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU). The EMC provides a wide variety of critical medications and supplies for immediate availability to nurses.

The EMC is stocked with non-oral solid medications, including ointments, creams, inhalers, patches, IVs, refrigerated items, and oral-solid medications that are not stocked in the ADU. The EMC has drawers with individually locking cells, so when the nurse requests a medication, only one medication can be retrieved at a time. The EMC also features a large compartment with two additional drawers for bulk storage, and a compartment for refrigerated storage.

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