New Pharmacy Services Company to Bring Cost Savings and Enhanced Medication Management to Healthcare

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8, 2012 — Fillmore Capital Partners (FCP), a private investment company, today announced the formal launch of AlixaRx, a company that has been in development over the past four years. AlixaRx will provide comprehensive pharmacy services to post‐acute and numerous other healthcare settings. AlixaRx leverages cutting‐edge technology and advanced clinical pharmacist consulting to improve medication management for patients and deliver significant cost savings to the healthcare system.

“The current medication management model for post‐acute care facilities in particular is inefficient, outdated, and too costly,” said Ron Silva, President and CEO of Fillmore Capital Partners. “AlixaRx will dramatically change the landscape of the healthcare community by providing all vital medications to patients on‐site, while reducing the cost of medications to the payer to a single unit dose cost.”

AlixaRx will use full‐service regional pharmacy hubs, clinical pharmacists, automated dispensing machines, electronic medication cabinets, and advanced clinical software to meet the 24‐hour‐a‐day, seven‐day‐a‐week needs of patients and providers — transforming medication management to a science and a high‐quality benefit to all.

AlixaRx’s board‐certified, geriatric‐specialty, clinical pharmacists will participate as an integral member of each client facility’s interdisciplinary care team to optimize drug therapy for patients and payers. Utilizing AlixaRx’s advanced technology platform, clinical pharmacists will have real‐time electronic access to the most current patient information. The goal: increase quality of patient care while reducing the number of medications consumed.

FCP also announced the appointment of Larry Deans as President of AlixaRx.

“AlixaRx represents the cutting edge in both the delivery and clinical management of medications in healthcare today,” said Deans. “It will benefit patients, providers, and payers by reducing time spent by nurses in administering medications, thereby enabling more time for direct patient care. It will also reduce the cost of unused medications,” he added.

“Through the application of its technology, AlixaRx will provide the opportunity for timely review of the therapeutic effects of medications and early clinical intervention when indicated for high‐risk patients,” said Deans. “This will not only benefit patients with improved outcomes but also the Medicare and Medicaid programs with a lower cost of care.”

Silva announced that AlixaRx has entered into an agreement with Golden Living, a leading provider of post‐acute healthcare services, as its launch customer to provide pharmacy services to the company’s 302 LivingCenters nationwide. He said that AlixaRx is expected to be providing pharmacy services to more than 70 Golden LivingCenters by year‐end.

“We are committed to using new and innovative approaches to enhance the quality and scope of the services we offer,” said Neil Kurtz, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Living. “AlixaRx represents a quantum leap in pharmacy services for post‐acute care. We look forward to the increased cost savings, improved access to medications, decrease in medication consumption, and enhanced safety that AlixaRx will bring to our LivingCenters, our staff, and our patients.”

AlixaRx is partnering with Cretem Co. Ltd., an international manufacturing supplier of automated dispensing technology in healthcare settings, in developing its automated dispensing units.

In further recognition of the opportunity to innovate and redefine medication management in our healthcare system, Cardinal Health has partnered with AlixaRx as its wholesale pharmaceutical provider.

Other AlixaRx partners include Capsa Solutions, Design Integrity, Dynamex, IBM, Integra, Managed Health Care Associates, Med Pass, MedCall, SoftWriters, and Caradigm, a health information technology company formed by GE Healthcare and Microsoft Corp.

The AlixaRx technology is on display in booth 911 at the AHCA/NCAL 63rd Annual National Convention & Expo in Tampa, Fla., where the exhibits are open Oct. 8‐9. For more information, visit AlixaRx’s website at
About AlixaRx Pharmacy Services (

AlixaRx provides advanced pharmacy services to post‐acute healthcare facilities through a new model
that leverages technology to deliver medication therapy management. AlixaRx is a differentiated
approach because it utilizes a combination of clinical pharmacists, automated dispensing units, and
electronic medication cabinets to meet the medical needs of patients and residents at each facility.
AlixaRx delivers improved safety, creates better access to medications, and produces time and cost
savings in post‐acute, skilled nursing, and numerous other healthcare settings.

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Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC (FCP) is a private investment company that engages in the development,
management, and distribution of investment vehicles for institutional and select private‐client investors.
FCP invests on behalf of its clients in large healthcare, lodging, and operating company platforms, as well
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