Nursing Update on New COPD Inhaler Devices – Part 1 Respimat®

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Respimat® Inhaler Update

Respimat Inhalers include: Stiolto Respimat®, Spiriva Respimat®, Combivent Respimat®, Striverdi Respimat®.

Getting Started:

Push the safety catch and remove the clear base.  Insert cartridge into the inhaler device and write the discard (expiration) date on the label of the Respimat inhaler which is 3 months from the date the Cartridge is inserted into the inhaler.

Cartridge 1 Cartridge 2 Cartridge 3


Priming the Respimat devices: 

First use – press the dose-release button (results in an actuation or puff) until an aerosol cloud is visible and then continue to press the dose-release button 3 more times.

Daily use – no priming is required after the initial prime as above.

If not used for more than 3 days – Press the dose-release button once to prime.

If not used for more than 21 days – Prime following the directions for first use.


Administration of the Respimat devices:  Remember T.O.P.

Cartridge TCartridge oCartridge P


NOTE: Pay close attention to the dosing instructions as Stioloto, Striverdi, and Spiriva require 2 inhalations (actuations or puffs) once per day to deliver the usual full prescribed dose.

Cleaning and Storage:

Wipe the mouthpiece inside and out once a week.  Store at room temperature and discard inhaler 3 months after the first use or when the locking mechanism is engaged (inhaler is empty).

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