AlixaRx has developed a next-generation on-site dispensing system that has no comparison in the market today.

AlixaRx offers a complete pharmacy solution utilizing proprietary, automated dispensing technology and innovative software. The AlixaRx on-site dispensing system is a completely automated medication dispensing and delivery system. Located at the nursing facility, it enables immediate access to more than 400 medications. AlixaRx is the first post-acute care pharmacy to combine an Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU) that packages patient-specific oral-solid medications on-demand and an Electronic Medication Cabinet (EMC) that stocks unit-dose medications, including IV kits and refrigerated items, for first and STAT doses.

AlixaRx is the only national post-acute care pharmacy that provides an on-site dispensing system utilizing proprietary hardware and software. As such, the AlixaRx system is unlike any other currently available on the market. We have developed a number of unique and innovative features that detect and prevent errors, increase security, minimize site requirements and downtime, and maximize storage capacity.


The AlixaRx Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU) packages patient-specific oral-solid medications on-demand.

The ADU is a medication packaging system that stores bulk oral solid medications (tablets and capsules) in canisters and packages and labels patient-specific, multi-dose packets. The ADU is used for new, STAT, PRN, Leave-of-Absence (LOA) and ongoing routine orders. Medication canisters are stored in a locked storage unit that is only accessible to authorized pharmacy personnel. The pharmacy monitors the inventory and utilization and delivers canisters to the facility, where a local AlixaRx pharmacy service technicians receives the canisters and restocks the unit. When the nurse requests a medication from the ADU, the canister releases the medication down through a channel, where it is packaged with other medications for that patient and administration time. The ADU packages and labels the medications in patient-specific, multi-dose packets that are delivered to the nurse through a slot on the lower left door.


The Electronic Medication Cabinet (EMC) stocks unit-dose medications, including IV kits and refrigerated items, for first and STAT doses.

The Electronic Medication Cabinet (EMC) is an electronic first-dose dispensing cabinet that replaces the need for the manual “tackle box” solution. The EMC is used for dispensing emergency and first-dose medications that are not stocked in the Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU). The EMC provides a wide variety of critical medications and supplies for immediate availability to nurses.

The EMC is stocked with non-oral solid medications, including ointments, creams, inhalers, patches, IVs, refrigerated items, and oral-solid medications that are not stocked in the ADU. The EMC has five drawers with individually locking cells, so when the nurse requests a medication, only one medication can be retrieved at a time. The EMC also features a large compartment with two additional drawers for bulk storage, and a compartment for refrigerated storage.

Unit-dose medications are barcode scanned when removed from the EMC to ensure the medication is correct. The inventory is monitored by the pharmacy and restocked by the local pharmacy technician. The medications are also barcode scanned when loaded into the cabinet to ensure accuracy and maintain a perpetual inventory system.