AlixaRx is unlike any other long term care pharmacy in the market today. We were founded on a different philosophy. Rather than maximizing profits of the pharmacy, we decided to focus on the patient. Many in the industry think we are crazy. However, we believe that taking care of the patient will lead to success. In order to transform medication management in the post-acute setting, we had to be different. Sticking with the status quo was not going to make an impact. Therefore, we set out on a new mission, a new model, a new beginning.

This philosophy has translated into many innovative product and service offerings for our customers. AlixaRx is the first, and only, national pharmacy provider to utilize on-site dispensing technology as our primary means of medication distribution. We require all of our clinical pharmacists to be certified in geriatric pharmacy. We focus on reducing the number of prescriptions and quantity of medications to reduce costs. We provide products and services that improve patient care.

AlixaRx is transforming medication management in post-acute care. 


Traditional pharmacies dispense medications in 7, 15 or 30 day supplies and bill the facility whether or not they are taken by the patient. With AlixaRx, oral solid medications are dispensed from the on-site system in daily supplies, and the facility is only billed for the medications that are used. As a result, drug costs are typically reduced 8-10% compared to the traditional 15/30-day punch card dispensing model.


The AlixaRx system provides 24/7 access to over 400 medications. Our unique, proprietary systems distribute all dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, liquids, inhalers, topical medications, refrigerated items, IVs and IV kits, and other supplies. The AlixaRx system enables our customers to admit higher acuity patients, even late at night and on weekends.


The AlixaRx system is significantly more accurate than traditional pharmacy dispensing. Millions of doses are dispensed each month from our systems with an accuracy rate that exceeds that of a traditional pharmacy. In addition, our certified geriatric specialty pharmacists take a proactive clinical approach to optimize patient drug therapy, helping to reduce medication-related errors, falls and re-hospitalizations.

AlixaRx customers see many advantages over the traditional pharmacy distribution model.

Our on-site dispensing system provides access to the most commonly prescribed medications. It significantly reduces drug waste and costs. AlixaRx certified geriatric pharmacists integrate within the facility’s interdisciplinary care to improve patient outcomes. We provide an unprecedented level of support with customer service representatives and a local Pharmacy Services Technician. Altogether, AlixaRx’s products and services are unmatched in the industry.