AlixaRx is the first national pharmacy to combine on-site medication dispensing systems and certified geriatric pharmacists to provide a total pharmacy solution to long-term and post-acute care providers. AlixaRx provides prescription and over-the-counter medications, IVs and supplies, and clinical pharmacy services to more than 25,000 patients in over 300 locations across the country. We provide long term care pharmacy services across the nation from our pharmacies in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Fresno.

AlixaRx utilizes proprietary, automated dispensing technology to provide on-site access to more than 400 medications. A local pharmacy service technician provides service, support, and training, and restocks and maintains the on-site dispensing systems. We provide 24/7 telephone support and a team of regional field service engineers to help ensure maximum uptime and system reliability. AlixaRx’s certified geriatric clinical pharmacists take a proactive approach to collaborate in patient care. Our mission is to deliver innovative pharmacy technology and services that improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

AlixaRx is transforming medication management in post-acute care.

National Pharmacy, Local Presence

AlixaRx is a national pharmacy with a local presence.

AlixaRx’s unique model allows us to provide pharmacy services to post-acute facilities across the country. Our on-site dispensing systems provide access to more than 400 of the most common medications, and a local pharmacy service technician restocks and maintains the system. As a result, AlixaRx is able to provide unparalleled pharmacy services that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


On-Site Dispensing and Integrated Technology

AlixaRx offers long term care pharmacy services through secure, automated dispensing systems located within the facility. AlixaRx is the only national pharmacy that utilizes proprietary hardware and software, combining patient-specific packaging of oral solid medications and first-dose access to unit-dose medications, including IVs and refrigerated items. The AlixaRx on-site dispensing system has a number of innovative features that detect and prevent errors, increase security, minimize site requirements and downtime, and maximize storage capacity.

AlixaRx also offers a number of electronic solutions that eliminate transcription errors and other issues with outdated faxing technology. AlixaRx provides a secure, online portal giving our customers unparalleled access to data and analytics to further reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

The AlixaRx system is unlike any other medication management system currently available on the market.

Enhanced Clinical Pharmacy Services

AlixaRx takes a very unique approach to clinical pharmacy services than traditional long-term and post-acute pharmacy providers. AlixaRx clinical pharmacists provide clinically proven outcomes, improve overall patient care, decrease drug costs and improve nursing efficiency. AlixaRx is able to do this by not only providing clinical pharmacy consultants that integrate with the facility’s interdisciplinary team, but also through our Medication Review and Optimization Center (MROC), which provides prospective analysis of the highest acuity facilities and residents.

AlixaRx Clinical Pharmacists collaborate with nursing staff to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase nursing efficiency.


Clinical Education and Training

AlixaRx provides a number of educational and training resources, including classroom based, online, in-service and hands-on training. We provide comprehensive training covering the AlixaRx on-site dispensing system, the implementation and transition of pharmacy services, medication ordering delivery processes, and the use of the infusion products we provide. AlixaRx provides training before and during the implementation as well as ongoing training for new staff and retraining of existing staff. AlixaRx also offers a wide variety of clinical education and accredited Continuing Education (CE) courses for nurses and administrators.

AlixaRx helps nurses and administrators stay on top of their profession.

24/7 Pharmacy and Technical Support

AlixaRx offers pharmacy and technology support to resolve any issues that may arise – day or night.

Dedicated customer service representatives are available to answer pharmacy and technical questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Local pharmacy service technicians provide service, support, and training, giving our customers the confidence to focus on providing patient-care rather than worry about technology. The technicians restock and maintain the on-site dispensing systems, and a team of regional field service engineers helps ensure maximum uptime and system reliability.